Plum Flower Sabre

Grandmaster Wong demonstrated a pattern from the Plum Flower Sabre

There are many versions of the Plum Flower Sabre, which is a popular weapon against a spear. Many kungfu masters used the sabre, and it was a choice weapon for foot-soldiers.

The performance of a sabre is like a tiger. There is a kungfu saying that "in a performace of a sabre, one looks at the free hand", which means that an exponent must deflect another weapon well when circulating round the expoonent' head. In cirulating round the head, it is important to keep the free hand inside the body relative to the sabre or else the sabre may cut his hand.

The Plum Flower Sabre set is so called because it forms the pattern of a plum flower. It includes its most deadly pattern, the reverse slash, and comprises important sabre patterns like the chop, the sweep, and the thrust, and incorporates various methods of deflect and of circulating round the head.

Wong Kiew Kit
26th December 2018


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