Grandmaster Wong performing "Hungry Tiger Catches Goat" from the Taming Tiger set in the 1980s

The Taming-Tiger Set is an important set in Wong Fei Hoong's lineage in Hoong Ka Kungfu. I learned the set from a modern classic by Grandmaster Lam Sai Weng, and from a few Taming Tiger patterns taught by my teacher, Grandmaster Ho Fatt Nam. The patterns of the set are mostly from the Tiger style.

The signature greeting pattern of the Taming Tiger Set in Wong Fei Hoong's lineage and the signature greeting pattern in Grandmaster Ho Fatt Nam's school are quite similar, except that in Wong Fei Hoong's lineage a practitioner performs "Triple Stretching of Pearl Bridge" in the signature greeting while standing upright, but in Grandmaster Ho's school the same pattern is performed while sitting on a Horse-Riding Stance.

Some patterns of the two sets are different. Hence, I name the set practiced in our school "Shaolin Taming Tiger Set", to differentiate it from the Taming Tiger Set of Hoong Ka Kungfu.

To help students understand and practice combat application of the Shaolin Taming Tiger Set, I composed a Combination Set.

A video showing me performing the Shaolin Taming Tiger Set in 1980s is found here, and in 2014 found here. A Combination Set of Taming Tiger in 2010 is found here, and in 2014 found here.

Wong Kiew Kit
17th December 2015



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