soft whip

Grandmaster Wong demonstrated the three sectional soft whip

A soft whip is different from any other weapons. For other weapons you may learn them from videos or good books, but not a three sectional soft whip. You are likely to hit yourself while learning it. Indeed many aspirants wear helmets when learning soft whips from living teachers.

Another interesting feature of a soft whip is that there are no patterns in a set where a student may pause; he has to complete the whole set in a flowing manner.

A special factor of the three sectional soft whip is that at the completion of a set a performer must "fold" the various sections properly. I remember that many years ago when I led a team of performers to the University of Sciences in Penang, I folded the soft whip properly, and I overheard a commentor that I must be a master.

I learned the three sectional soft whip from a sisook (or younger brother of one's kungfu teacher), called "Shen Pooi" or "Crazy Pooi", in Uncle Righteousness' lineage. This sisook thought it would be a great pity if he did not passe onto a selected successor three special weapons, namely three sectional soft whip, copper round hammer, and 13-Technique Spear, which he learned elsewhere.

Wong Kiew Kit
26th December 2018


Three Sectional Soft Whip -- Video
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