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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I think it's long overdue that we add contributions on Wikipedia to show the greatness and worldwide reach of our school. What other Kung Fu or Chi Kung school has our kind of spread and depth?

Go Here:

Create an account on Wikipedia so that you may contribute to the Shaolin Wahnam Page and other pages.

Some of the editors on Wikipedia believe that the Shaolin Wahnam Page should not exist. We are a global school. If you believe that our school is noteworthy, make your voice heard.

At you can see many of the comments in this link say that the Shaolin Wahnam page should not exist. You can add your comments in whatever way you feel.

Mark Blohm
Shaolin Wahnam Taiwan

"Then how could chi kung overcome diseases where the cause is unknown or when there is no cure? The question is actually incorrect. The expressions "the cause is unknown" and "there is no cure" are applicable only in the Western medical paradigm. The expressions no longer hold true in the chi kung paradigm. In the chi kung paradigm the cause is known, and there is a cure." - Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

This message posted on 19th August 2013 is reproduced from the thread Show the Greatness and Worldwide Reach of Shaolin Wahnam in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum


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