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Grandmaster Wong demonstrating the Traveling Dragon Sword

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Kungfu, especially Shaolin, is extremely rich in weapons. In the past, weapon training was more important than unarmed combat. This was logical as using a weapon to fight was more effective than using bare hands.

But now as carrying weapons about is generally illegal, are there still benefits in weapon training. Yes, there are a few good reasons why weapons are still practiced today, such as preserving kungfu traditions, developing skills in the use of weapons that can be transferred to unarmed combat, and being able to use everyday tools as improvised weapons or to defend against them.

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Chin Wah Staff

Kwan Dao

This staff set was composed by Grandmaster Wong in the 1980s in honour of his first sifu, Sifu Lai Chin Wah, who was better known in kungfu circles as Uncle Righteousness.

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Three Sectional Soft Whip

Soft Whip

The soft whip is probably the only weapon that must be learnt from a living teacher, and cannot be learned from books or videos. Not many people have the opportunity to learn the three sectional soft whip.

Video 2016
Video 2014
Pattern Names

Six-and-Half-Point Staff of Wing Choon Kungfu

Kwan Dao

The Six-and-Half-Point Staff, or Luk Tim Poon Khun, of Wing Choon Kungfu is one of the four best known staff sets in kungfu. It is simple in form but very profound in application.

Video 2014
Pictures 2014

Green Dragon Crescent Moon Guan Dao

Kwan Dao

Kwan Tao (Guan Dao) is a Chinese term meaning “Big Knife of Kwan Yu”. A Big Knife is a classical weapon with a huge blade attached to a long shaft. Kwan Yu was a famous warrior in classical China well known for using a Big Knife, who is now deified as the God of Righteousness.

Guan Dao by Sifu Leonard Lackinger 2016
Guan Dao by Grandmaster Wong 2016
Guan Dao 2006 -- more
Guan Dao 1980s
Kwan Dao Set by Sifu Wong -- Old Video
Pattern Names of Guan Dao Set

Fifth Brother Octagonal Staff

Shaolin Long Staff

This famous staff set is known as “Ng Long Pat Kua Khuen”, roughly translated as “Pa Kua Staff of Fifth Brother”, and is regarded as an “indoor” art in Hoong Ka Kungfu. “Pa Kua” or “octagonal” refers to eight directions, and “Fifth Brother” refers to the fifth of the famous seven Yang generals of the Sung Dynasty.

Fifth Brother Octagonal Staff in 2014
Fifth Brother Octagonal Staff in 1980s
Application Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4

Shaolin Crescent Moon Spear

crescent moon spear

The Crescent Moon Spear is a very special weapon because it incorporates the properties of five different weapons, namely the spear, the staff, the hook, the big trident and the dagger. It is a northern kungfu weapon usually used on horseback.

Traveling Dragon Crescent Moon Spear 2016
Traveling Dragon Crescent Moon Spear 2006 -- more
Learning the Traveling Dragon Crescent Moon Spear -- More
Pictures with Pattern Names
Shaolin Crescent-Moon Spear 1980s
Lu Pu Crescent Moon Spear in 1980s

Traveling Dragon Sword

Traveling Dragon Sword

A sword is a dainty weapon, and it needs great skills to use it well. The Traveling Dragon Sword is Grandmaster Wong's favorite weapon.

Traveling Dragon Sword by Sifu Leonard Lackinger 2016
Traveling Dragon Sword by Grandmaster Wong 2016
Traveling Dragon Sword 2006 -- more
Traveling Dragon Sword 2009
Picture Series of Traveling Sword Set 2006
Picture Series of Traveling Sword Set 2016
Learning the Traveling Dragon Sword
Traveling Dragon Sword 1980s
Combat Applications of Traveling Dragon Sword

Shaolin Continuous Sword

Chinese sword

This is a Shaolin sword set demonstrated by Sifu Wong's studnet, Tang Kok San, more than 20 years ago in the 1980s.

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Traveling Dragon 13-Technique Spear

Traveling Dragon 13-Technique Spear

The spear is regarded as the king of weapons, because the spear thrust is technically the most formidable attack to counter. This spear set is called Traveling Dragon 13-Technique Spear because its movements are like those of a traveling dragon, and there are 13 main techniques.

Traveling Dragon Thirteen-Technique Spear 2016
Picture Series of Thirteen-Technique Spear
Traveling Dragon Thirteen-Technique Spear 2006
13-Technique Spear -- more -- more
Spear against Butterfly Knives
Spear against 3-Sectional Staff
Spear against Guan Dao

Human-Character Double Southern Knives (Butterfly Knives)

Butterfly Knives

How would these short, light weapons be effectively used against long weapons like spears, and heavy weapons like big tridents? Would you be able to find out by looking at the Butterfly Knives set shown in the video clips below?

Butterfly Knives
Against Spear
Against Staff
Against Sabre
How to Capture and Avoid Being Captured

Subduing-Monsters Moon-Crescent Spade

Crescent-Moon Spade

A famous expert of the Crescent-Moon Spade was Sha Seng (Sa Chng in Cantonese pronunciation), or Shark-Monk. Shark-Monk was the sidai (junior brother) of the Monkey God, and one of the three disciples of the Venerable Xuan Zhang who journeyed to the West in quest of Buddhist sutras.

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Shaolin Through-Cloud Umbrella Set

Shaolin Umbrella

The umbrella set here is performed by Cheong Huat Seng, an old disciple of Grandmaster Wong. He learned it from Grandmaster Wong about 30 years ago at the Shaolin Wahnam Association in Sungai Petani, Malaysia. It is also inspiring to know that Cheong Huat Seng is 64 years in age, though he is actually healthier and fitter than many people below 50!

Umbrella Set in Videos
Umbrella Set in Pictures
Combat Applications, Hawaii 2014
Combat Application, Barcelona 2015

Taming Tiger Big Trident

Big Trident

The video clips below are put together to help course participants to the Intensive Weapon Course of June 2006 to review the Taming Tiger Big Trident. Please note that here the set is purposefully performed slowly with pauses in between patterns so that course participants can see the movements more easily. When you are familiar with the movements, they should be performed fast and smoothly as sequences rather than as individual patterns.

Taming Tiger Big Trident 2016
Taming Tiger Big Trident 2006 -- More
Another Video
Pattern Names

Wudang Sword

Wudang Sword

The sword was the choice weapon of xia, or kungfu knights, in the past. Of all the schools of swordsmanship, Wudang Sword is the most famous.

Wudang Sword by Sifu Leo
Combat Application, Ireland 2013
Combat Application, Ireland 2015
Wudang Sword by Grandmaster Wong
Wudang Sword in Pictures with Pattern Names

Taiji Sabre

Taiji Sabre

Taijiquan is more well known of its sword, but practicing the Taiji Sabre can enhance the yang or forceful aspect of the art. It is called Taiji Sabre and not Taijiquan Sabre ,meaning Cosmos Sabre and not Caosmos Martial Art Sabre.

Video of Taiji Sabre
Combat Application of Taiji Sabre

Taiji Staff

Taiji Staff

Some Taiji practitioners may be surprised that Taijiquan has the staff as a weapon. Of course it has, otherwise Taijiquan would be incomplete as the staff is a common and very useful weapon.

Video of Taiji Staff
Combat application of Taiji Staff

Ho Family Flowing Water Staff

Flowing Water Staff

The “Ho Family Flowing Water Staff” was once taught only within the Ho Family. Sifu Ho Fatt Nam was the first master to teach it to a few selected disciples outside the Ho Family, and Sifu Wong was one of these lucky disciples.

Flowing Water Staff by Sifu Markus Kahila 2016
Flowing Water Staff by Grandmaster Wong 2016
Ho Family Flowing Water Staff 2006
Learning the Flowing Water Staff
Pictures by Grandmaster Wong 2016
Pictures by Grandmaster Wong 2006
Pictures by Sifu Emiko
Combat Application of Flowing Water Staff
Secrets of Flowing Water Staff 2005

Shaolin Plum Flower Sabre

Plum Flower Single Knife

The Plum Flower Sabre or Single Knife is a famous classical weapon set, and is found in various versions in both Northern and Southern Shaolin. The Saber is often figuratively described as a ferocious Tiger.

Video in 1980s
Video in 2003
Video in 2014
Video by George Borisov in 2016
Video by Grandmaster Wong in 2016
Shaolin Plum Flower Sabre -- more -- more
Pictures with Pattern Names 2014
Pictures with Pattern Names 2016

Combat Applications of Single Knife against Spear

knife against spear

The spear is considered to the king of weapons because it is technically most difficult to defend against a spear thrust. During a Special Shaolin Kungfu Course in Toronto in 2003 Grandmaster Wong demonstrated using a single knife or sabre against a spear.

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Combat Applications of Spear against Single Knife

spear against knife

These video clips, taken at random during the Special Shaolin Kungfu Course in Toronto in 2003, show the application of a spear against a single knife or sabre. The spear is often described as a traveling dragon, whereas a single knife is described as a ferocious tiger.

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Staff Training and Sparring — Abstract from Movies

staff training method

This abstract is taken from an old kungfu movie, “Lok Ah Choy and Wong Fei Hoong”, produced by Shaw Brothers of Hong Kong. Loh Ah Choy was an inner-chamber disciple of Chee Seen, the First Patriarch of Southern Shaolin. Wong Fei Hoong was a famous Shaolin master.

Here Sigong Lok Ah Choy taught his “tuo-suin” (student's student) Wong Fei Hoong an important training method of the “circle technique” in Ng Long Pat Kua Khuen. Later the two masters sparred. There was also an invaluable piece of advice from Loh Ah Choy to Wong Fei Hoong at the end of the video clip.

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