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This is an interpretation and commentry of the great work by Bodhisattva Asvaghosha on "Awakening of Faith in Mahayana". The original version in Sanskrit is lost; only the Chinese version remains.

It is on attaining Cosmic Reality. Before I wrote "Way of the Master", I considered "In Quest of Cosmic Reality" my masterpiece. There are no illustrations in the manuscript.

The chapters of the manuscript are as follows:

  1. Chapter 1: Introduction to Cosmic Quest
  2. Chapter 2: Before the Quest Begins
  3. Chapter 3: Adoration
  4. Chapter 4: Prelude to Asvaghosha's Great Work
  5. Chapter 5: Attaining Eternal Bliss
  6. Chapter 6: Principle and Significance of One Mind
  7. Chapter 7: Transcendental and Phenomenal Reality
  8. Chapter 8: The Void is Full of Consciousness
  9. Chapter 9: Types and Levels of Enlightenment
  10. Chapter 10:Widsom, Miracles and Enlightenment
  11. Chapter 11: Transformations into Phenomenal World
  12. Chapter 12: Reincarnation and Karma
  13. Chapter 13: Thousand Worlds from a Single Thought
  14. Chapter 14: Illusion of Phenomenal World
  15. Chapter 15: Overcoming Ignorance and Defilement
  16. Chapter 16: Why the World Appears as an Illusion
  17. Chapter 17: Towards Cosmic Realization
  18. Chapter 18: Benign Influence of Cosmic Reality
  19. Chapter 19: Cosmic Evolution and Individual Soul
  20. Chapter 20: Triple Body, Quantum Fields and Shadow Matter
  21. Chapter 21: The Buddhist Doctrine of Emptiness
  22. Chapter 22: Nirvana and Cosmic Reality
  23. Chapter 23: Various Ways of Spiritual Cultivation
  24. Chapter 24: Spiritual Cultivation through Faith
  25. Chapter 25: Understanding and Insight, Not just Faith
  26. Chapter 26: Insight and Metaphysics
  27. Chapter 27: Four Faiths and Five Perceptions
  28. Chapter 28: Meditation, the Essential Path
  29. Chapter 29: Insight Meditation
  30. Chapter 30: Buddhism and Modern Science
  31. Chapter 31: Blessings to All Beings
    Chapter 32: From Samsara to Nirvana

As the manuscript is deep, I shall release its installments gradually so that people can appreciate its content.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit
23 December 2019, Sungai Petani


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