Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course

Grandmaster Wong explaining the subtle joys of stance training

Essence of Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course

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Shaolin Kungfu Internal Force, Kungfu for Combat and Spiritual Expansion are Real, and can Still be Attainable Today

Kungfu has been watered down so badly that today many martial artists, including kungfu practitioners, either doubt whether these concepts are possible, or have mis-conceived ideas of what they are. Many martial artists, for example, mistakenly believe that internal force and spiritual cultivation in kungfu are only myths, and that sparring is necessarily painful and brutal.

Hopefully these video clips may rectify these mis-conceptions and enable them to derive more benefits in their own practice. They serve as visual evidence to show that chi and internal force are real, and can be cultivated not just for combat but for enriching daily life, that kungfu can be used for combat, and sparring can be safe and fun, and that kungfu training is a process of spiritual cultivation, and inner joy and satori, or a glimpse of cosmic reality, are still attainable today.
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Shaolin Kungfu How do You Use Kungfu for Combat?

Can kungfu be used for fighting? The question itself is odd because by definition kungfu is a fighting art. This means that if you cannot use your kungfu for fighting, then what you practice is not genuine kungfu; it is what past masters called “flowery fists and embroidery kicks”.

How would kungfu practitioners fight? Of course they fight using kungfu pattern! The answer is so logical that the question seems silly. It is like asking how would footballers play football, or how would pianists play the piano. Of course they perform using the techniques and skills they have practiced. The video clips in this series show some basic training in kungfu combat. How do we know the training is effective? We know because we speak from experience.
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Shaolin Kungfu The Secret of Sparring Methodology

Why can't kungfu practitioners spar with kungfu patterns? There are many ways to answer this embarrassing, yet prevalent, question though the different answers actually point to the same reason. They lack the methodology. The video clips in this and other series show some of the lessons of the Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course of September 2005 to train the basic skills and techniques in using kungfu for sparring and real combat. They also show some wonderful spiritual experiences.
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Shaolin Kungfu Great Kungfu is a Process of Spiritual Cultivation

Spiritual cultivation is non-religious. In Shaolin Kungfu and Taijiquan, spiritual cultivation occurs at all levels of training, and not just at the highest level. In the Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course, the very first lesson is to enter Zen, whereas in the Intensive Taijiquan Course, the very first lesson is to enter Tao. This is initiation into spiritual cultivation. As a result, course participants feel inner peace and joy. These are some immediate benefits of spiritual cultivation.
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