Flame-of-the-Forest, picture taken from http://flowersinsingapore.blogspot.my/2010/06/delonix-regia-flame-of-forest.html

Nature has always been a source of beauty to me -- the kind of beauty that no artificial counterpart can be compared. I clearly remember that lovely morning when I was holidaying at the country-side where I had an enjoyable country walk to admire nature and all the splendour that Mother Earth offers us.

It was only six o'clock in the morning and the sky was still as dark as night, but was slowly turning into light as the golden sun was steadily rising from beyond the eastern horizon.

I walked along the forest lane. There were rows of angsana trees on both sides, with beautiful yellow flowers in full blossom. These dignified angsana trees stood like friendly giants guarding the flower-laden track. I was in high spirit and could feel the cool, refreshing morning breeze softly kissing my face. The feathery flowers of the angsana gracefully wafted through the air and seemed to dance with the breeze before they finally fell to the ground with no complaints. The path was in rich array of the yellow petals. In a flash an early bird flew out from his nest and settled on a hanging branch of overhead verdure to sing his morning song to great the day. Another bird, perhaps answering his joyous call, soon flew to him and joined in the sweet melody.

As I walked on, the gentle meadow undulated away. Trees of many kinds sprang luxuriantly with the flame-of-the-forest predominating over the rest, with red petals like little sparks amidst the greenery. From the umbrella leaves an occasional African tulip would spring up, towering above with bushy leaves like an uncle keeping watch. At first glance it was an ordinary scene; but if looked at as if with eyes that had never looked before, and listened to with ears for every single sound, the scene and atmosphere was captivating. Not only were the flowers, but even the ordinary leaves turned magnificent. They were not just green, but tinted with may colours -- yellow, red, crimson, vermillion, purple and even gold. And the barks of trees were never merely brown, but of every hue with changing shades. And I could hear not only chirping birds but also rustling leaves and whispering breeze.

The sun rose from behind the distant hills and was overlooking the canopy of the tree-tops, reflecting rays of may hues. The sun was so warm and serene that I fancied I had never bathed in such a pellucid golden flood of sunshine before, without even a murmur or a ripple disturbing it. The sunshine seemed to shine deep into my heart and soul. As I strolled along, I just felt beautiful.

Soon it was time for my breakfast. I returned home; my mind still fascinated with the beauty of nature.



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