Old Penang

Old Penang, picture taken from https://www.ashleyabroad.com/2015/02/17/penang-street-art-hawker-centre/

Dear Seng,

I am glad to know that you are having a fine time and enjoying yourself in Penang. Your gay and lively outings really make me so envious of you. For all you may think, life in M.T.C. is not that gorgeous and enviable. Some people even find it miserable. Luckily, I am still able to tolerate it. Well, just imagine -- far away from all the joyous friends you cherish and all the lovely girls you admire. A less tough person might have been dead by now. Actually I am almost killed. The lectures really kill me everyday.

Thank you for all the compliments you shower on me regarding my psychology. You have over-rated me. I also learn from reliable sources that you have become a sort of playboy. That's interesting. Please tell me some of your secret formulae, won't you? Definitely I don't want to be a playboy, but a few tricks may do me good. Actually I am quite goody-goody, despite all the friendly nature I may have. So don't worry; there isn't any competition from me, for "playboyism" is a hobby beyond my reach.

I am just as keen as you to have another talk on human psychology. I think such talks will be beneficial to both of us. Recently I have learned about the adolescent age in my Child Development paper. I have learned some interesting and important facts about the features and behaviour of the adolescent. You shall be able to match your personal experience with what I have learned in theory. We can discuss pure as well as applied psychology.

I'll soon be back for the holidays with my bike, together with high hopes of blue sky and wide horizon. All the best to you in your studies.

                                            21st July 1966, Kuala Lumpur. 


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