kungfu against muay thai

Sifu Kai Uwe demonstrating a counter against a Muay Thai attack

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Counters against Muay Thai Knee Attacks

counters against knee jabs

After intercepting the opponent's knee strikes, which are known in Shaolin Kungfu as “Jade Girl Kicks Shuttle Cock” and in Taijiquan as “Golden Cockerel Stands Solitarily”, the kungfu exponent immediately follows with “Wave-Breaking Hands” and “White Horse Presents Hoof”.

The counters shown here are relatively “hard”, and are meant as basic training at the beginners' level. When a student is more skillful, he can apply “softer” yet more deadly methods. An example will be shown in a later video clip.

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Counters against Muay Thai Sweeping Kicks

counters against sweeping kicks

Muay Thai sweeping kicks are powerful and fast. Blocking such kicks head-on is an inferior defence. A superior counter is to deflect the opponent's force and use his momentum to overcome him, as in the Shaolin pattern “Planting Willow in Front of Camp” or the Taijiquan pattern “Repulse Monkey”. These counters can also be used against Muay Thai knee strikes.

Here during a Warrior Project session, Sifu Kai Uwe demonstrates how this technique is performed, as well as explains important points on coverage and footwork. It is important that the “guinea pig”, in this case Jamie, must know how to break-fall safely before trying the technique on him.

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Importance of Stance and Footwork in Countering Kicks

counters against sweeping kicks

Stances and footwork are very important in kungfu. Their importance is well evident in countering Taekwondo round-house kicks, Muay Thai sweeping kicks and kungfu whirlwind kicks, as shown in this impromptu video clip taken during a Warrior Project session where Sifu Kai Uwe of Shaolin Wahnam Germany demonstrated the technique on attackers.

The pattern used in countering the kicks is called “Uprooting Tree with Roots” in Shaolin Kungfu, or “Carry Tiger Back to Mountain” in Taijiquan. With some modification, these counters can also be effectively used against knee attacks. It is important that students must know how to break-fall safely before attempting such practice.

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Using "Dragon Hand" against Muay Thai Fighters (Part 1)

dragon hand

Muay Thai looks simple but is actually a tricky and sophisticated fighting art. Unlike a Karate or a Taekwondo exponent whose attacks are usually “real”, a Muay Thai fighter's attacks may be “real” or “feign”, and he often surprises you with a fast kick when you are confused by his hand attacks.

An effective counter is to use the “Dragon Hand” in conjunction with good footwork and swerving bodywork. When you are competent in using this technique, you may use the tactic by “tempting an opponent's attack to futility” by pretending to fight like him or like a boxer, then when he least expects it, use your “Dragon Hand” and agile footwork to defeat him.

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Using “Dragon Hand” against Muay Thai Fighters (Part 2)

against muay thai

This is a continuation of the previous training lesson, with Sifu Kai Uwe using fast Muay Thai attacks. Notice that good footwork and good bodywork are important for a successful application of this Dragon Hand technique.

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Using Side-Kicks against a Muay Thai Fighter

against muay thai

Side-kicks, as in the Shaolin pattern “Happy Bird Hops up Branch” is an effective counter against a Muay Thai fighter's or a Boxer's approach. Often it does not matter what attacks the Muay Thai fighter or Boxer may used. A side-kick can often hit him or at least prevent him from advancing.

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