Flowing Water Staff

Application of Flowing Water Staff

Note to Students

Sequence 1: Covering a Thrust

Anthony and Emiko greet each other. Anthony adopts the defence mode and Emiko adopts the attack mode.

Emiko attacks Anthony with a thrust, and Anthony covers accordingly. Then they reverse the attack and defence patterns. Repeat many times to develop the skills of timing, judgement and precision.

Sequence 2: Flicking away a Thrust

Emiko attacks Anthony with a thrust. Anthony flicks away the thrust. Immediately Anthony counter-attacks with a thrust, and Emiko flicks it away accordingly. Repeat the procedure many times.

Sequence 3: Thrust-flick in Circles

This sequence is similar to the previous sequence except that the two practitioners continue to thurst and flick in circles.

Sequence 4: Cover, Circle and Thrust

Emiko attacks with a thrust. Anthony covers Emiko's thrust.

Instead of thrusting back immediately, Anthony circles his staff around Emiko's staff and then thrust in from the outside. Emiko responds using the pattern "High Mountain Flowing Water".

Sequence 5: Thrust against Thrust

Emiko attacks Anthony with a thrust. Without covering or flicking, Anthony moves a small step to his side to avoid Emiko's attack, and counter- attacks with a thrust. This is employing the tactic of "counter-attacking without defending first".

Emiko flicks away Anthony's counter-attack, and responds with another thrust. Anthony defends with a flick.

Sequence 6: Phoenix Dots Head

Sequence 6 is first performed separately, then as a continuation of Sequence 5. Emiko attacks with a thrust. Anthony flicks away the attack.

Immediately Anthony uses "Phoenix Dots Head" to press against Emiko's front hand and then Emiko's head. Emiko responds with "High Mountains Flowing Water".

Sequence 7: Angling Fish

Emiko attacks with a chop on Anthony's head. Anthony moves a small step to his right and uses "Angling Fish" to hit Emiko's front hand with his staff.

Emiko responds with "High Mountain Flowing Water", and glides in to simultaneously strike Anthony's front hand and leg. Anthony moves another step to his right and respond wtih "Angling Fish", this time striking Emiko's head.

Emiko moves a samll to her right and flicks away Anthony's staff.

When there is a bridge, go along the bridge; when there is no bridge, let the water flow.

Ho Family Flowing Water Staff