Shaolin Five-Animal Set

Shaolin Five-Animal Set by Sifu Wong

The movements and spirit of Shaolin Kungfu are characterized by five “animals”, namely the Dragon, the Snake, the Tiger, the Leopard and the Crane.

The Dragon trains “shen” which means the mind, the Snake trains “qi” which means energy, the Tiger trains “gu” which means internal force, the Leopard trains “li” which means strength and speed, and the Crane trains “jing” which means elegance and essence.

This video clip captures an impromptu demonstration of the Shaolin Five-Animal Set by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit in response to popular requests by participants of a VIP Taijiquan class in September 2005.

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Shaolin Five-Animal Set from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


Pattern Names of the Set
Shaolin Five-Animal Set in 2000

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