Shaolin Eighteen-Lohan Fist from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

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Eighteen-Lohan Fist, or "Shi Ba Luo Han Quan" in Chinese, is the prototype of Shaolin Kungfu. It was evolved over many years by martial monks from Eighteen Lohan Hands.

Due to its long history, there were many versions of Eighteen-Lohan Fist. Records in Shaolin classics mentioned that initial versions of the Eighteen-Lohan Fist consisted of only 18 patterns, with each kungfu pattern evolved from each chi kung pattern. But by the time of the Tang Dynasty in the 17th century various versions of the Eighteen-Lohan Fist consisted of more than a hundred patterns. The shorter versions were called Little Lohan Fist, and the longer versions Great Lohan Fist, or often Eighteen-Lohan Fist.

The early versions of the Lohan Fist were simple, consisting mainly of straight-forward punches and kicks. Later versions were more sophisticated, adopting sophisticated techniques form later Shaolin styles. Our Shaolin Wahnam version of the Eighteen-Lohan Fist consists of 136 patterns, many of which are sophisticated.

Sequence 1

1. Dragon and Tiger Appear 2. Big Boss Lifts Bronze Vessel

3. Triple Stretching of Pearl Bridge 4. Double Dragons Emerge from Sea

5. Lohan Subdues Dragon 6. Lohan Tames Tiger

Sequence 2

7. Fierce Tiger Pushes Mountain 8. White Horse Presents Hoofs

9. Golden Dragon Shoots Tongue 10. Black Tiger Steals Heart

11. Dot Stone Becomes Gold 12. Leaning Hand

Sequence 3

13. Black Tiger Steals Heart 14. Black Tiger Steals Heart

15. Black Tiger Steals Heart 16. Dot Stone Becomes Gold

17. Fierce Tiger Enters Rock 18. Heavenly Priest Stamps Insignia

19. On Ground Strike Tiger 20. Ping Chong Strikes Tiger

Sequence 4

21. Ping Chong Strikes Tiger 22. Fisherman Casts Net

23. Fisherman Casts Net 24. Big Boss Removes Helmet

25. Sun Enters Lotus 26. Lohan Strikes Drum

Sequence 5

27. Lohan Strikes Gong 28. Reverse Kicking of Purple Bell

29. Kick Bell on Ground 30. Gold Coin on Ground

31. Tiger-Tail Kick 32. Tiger-Tail Kick

Sequence 6

33. Throw Ball in Waves 34. Throw Ball in Waves

35. Arm Pit Arrow Punch 36. Lohan Emerges from Cave

37. Lohan Emerges from Cave 38. Iron Fan Shuts Door

39. Hungry Tiger Snatches Lamb 40. Immortal Lies Down to Nap

41. Lohan Takes Afternoon Nap 42. Lazy Man Smokes Pipe

43. Immortal Stretches Waist 44. Golden Scissors Kick

Sequence 7

45. Chop the Hua Mountain 46. Monkey Steals Peach

47. Black Crow Flaps Wings 48. Reverse Hitting of Purple Bell

49. Reverse Hanging of Golden Lotus 50. Single Dragon Emerges from Sea

Sequence 8

51. Double Hanging Fists 52. Lohan Dries Corpe

53. Canon Punch to Sky 54. Canon Punch to Sky

55. Butterfly Dancing in front of Flower 56. Whirlwind Smashes Waves

57. Whirlwind Smashes Waves 58. Lohan Strikes Bell

59. Single Hitting Bell Sounds 60. Single Hitting Bell Sounds

Sequence 9

61. Horizontally Sweep Thousand Armies 62. Horizontally Sweep Thousand Armies

63. Green Dragon Charges at Face 64. Lohan Kicks Ball

65. Lohan Kicks Ball 66. Happy Birds Hops up Branch

67. Happy Birds Hops up Branch 68. Retreat Step Strike Palm

Sequence 10

69. Fierce Dragon Across Stream 70. Unicorn Embraces Moon

71. Canon Punch to Sky 72. Double Flying Kicks

73. Double Flying Kicks 74. Sun Fist Thrust Punch

Sequence 11

75. Sun Enters Lotus 76. Old Elephant Drops Tusk

77. Old Elephant Drops Tusk 78. Hang Strike Fist

79. Hang Strike Fist 80. Immortal Lifts Pot

Sequence 12

81. Lohan Planting Rice 82. Lohan Thinks Silently

83. Thread Hand 84. Empty Rug-Sack

85. Ride Dragon Strike Tiger 86. Iron Bull Ploghs Earth

Sequence 13

87. Rising Dragon Galloping Tiger 88. Old Eagle Catches Snake

89. Old Eagle Catches Snake 90. Jade Girl Threads Shuttle

Sequence 14

91. Return Head Strike Tiger 92. Lion Rolls Ball

93. Golden leopard Enters Rock 94. Rising Dragon Galloping Tiger

95. On Ground Strike Tiger 96. Jade Girl Threads Shuttle

97. Return Head Strike Tiger 98. Lion Rolls Ball

99. Golden Leopard Enters Rock 100. Rising Dragon Galloping Tiger

Sequence 15

101. Low Stance Tiger Tail 102. Spiritual Lion Opens Mouth

103. Warrior Plays with Lion 104. Low Stance Tiger Tail

105. Spiritual Lion Opens Mouth 106. Warrior Plays with Lion

Sequence 16

107. Green Dragon Charges at Face 108. Monkey Steals Peach

109. Tai Mountain Crushes Summit 110. Jade Girl Kicks Shuttle

111. Sun Enters Lotus 112. Green Dragon Charges at Face

113. Monkey Steals Peach 114. Tai Mountain Crushes Summit

115. Jade Girl Kicks Shuttle 116. Sun Enters Lotus

Sequence 17

117. Single Whip Saves Emperor 118. Fell Tree with Roots

119. Fierce Tiger Pushes Mountain 120. Single Whip Saves Emperor

121. Fell Tree with Roots 122. Fierce Tiger Pushes Mountain

Sequence 18

123. Single Tiger Emerges from Cave 124. Dark Dragon Draws Water

125. Fierce Tiger Across Stream 126. Black Bear Sinks Hips

127. Single Tiger Emerges from Cave 128. Dark Dragon Draws Water

129. Fierce Dragon Across Stream 130. Black Bear Sinks Hips

131. White Horse Presents Hoof 132. Continuously Presents Hoof

133. Single Dragon Emerges from Sea 134. One-Finger Stabilizes Empire

135. Dragon and Tiger Appear 136. Flowing Breeze Swaying Willows


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