choe Family Wing Choon

Sifu Tim Franklin performing Choe Family Wing Choon

This Choe Family Wing Choon set was performed at the Tribute to Sifu Show on 17th July 2013 in Clifford, England. Sifu Tim chose the force training elements of Siu Lin Tou, moving into an imaginary attack to the four corners using patterns from Siu Lin Tou, Cham Kiew and Phew Chi, followed by free flowing patterns from each of the sets to demonstrate the fast flow method.

Please click here to view the video. The size of the video is large, please be patient when downloading.

You can view the video here by clicking the picture below or view the video at Vimeo by clicking the caption

Choe Family Wing Choon 2013 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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