Combat Sequence 6
Pictures and Names of Patterns

Playing the Lute

Thrust Punch (1)

Thrust Punch (2)

Jade Girl Threads Shuttle

Bottom Cloud Hands

Hanging Fist (1)

Hanging Fist

Striking Tiger Poise

Fierce Dragon Across Stream

Combat Sequence 6 in Picture Series



Basic 12 Wahnam Taijiquan Combat Sequences (Picture Series)

  1. Immortal Waves Sleeves
  2. Low Stance Vertical Punch
  3. White Snake Shoots Venom
  4. Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
  5. White Crane Flaps Wings
  6. Striking Tiger Poise
  7. Thrust Kick
  8. Low Stance Single Whip
  9. Black Bear Sinks Hips
  10. Shoulder Strike
  11. Cloud Hands
  12. Carry Tiger Back to Mountain

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