Shaolin Four Gates

Combat Application of Four Gates

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  1. Stance Training -- The Fundamentals of Developing Internal Force
  2. Picture-Perfect Form of Four-Gate Set
  3. Checking Picture-Perfect Form of Four Gates
  4. Generating Internal Force in Four Gates

  5. Exploding Force in Four Gates
  6. Force and Flow of Four Gates
  7. Combat Application of Four-Gate Pattern

  8. Combat Sequence 1 of Four Gates
  9. Combat Sequence 2 of Four Gates
  10. Combat Sequence 3 of Four Gates
  11. Combat Sequence 4 of Four Gates

  12. One Hand against any Strikes
  13. One Hand against any Kick
  14. One Hand against any Felling and Chin-Na Attacks
  15. Forward Roll Modification and Checking for Picture-Perfect Form

  16. Cross-Road at Four Gates 2016
  17. Four Gates Combination Set 2016


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