Dublin 2016 Day 3

A combat application of Big Boss Holds Elbow

In Day 3 the emphasis is on combat application. First, students learned to be safe, as "safety first" is the first principle of an y combat.

When students were safe, they learned how to counter. They learned how to counter all the four categories of attack, namely striking, kickimng, felling and gripping.

Students used a planned sequence against opponents who bounced about and fought like boxers. Finally, they performed the San Feng Wudang Set, and entered Tao.

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  1. Defence from Inside Out
  2. Intercepting at Points 1, 2 and 3
  3. Lift Hand and Slap hand
  4. Counter-Strike an Opponent when Exponent is Safe
  5. Felling an Opponent to Strike Him
  6. Avoid a Kick and Fell the Opponent
  7. Dislocating an Opponent's Head
  8. Miscellaneous Counters against Various Attacks
  1. Don't Go Against a Sweeping Kick
  2. Carry Tiger Back to Mountain and its Counter
  3. White Ape Holds Branch and its Counter
  4. Cross Grips and Straight Grips and their Counters
  5. Double Grip and its Counters
  6. Class Performance of San Feng Wudang Set
  7. Selected Sequences of San Feng Wudang Set
  8. Free Sparring and Entering Tao



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