San Feng Wudang Set

Combat application of San Feng Wudang Set

An outstanding feature of the legacy of Zhang San Feng is that he integrated jing, qi and shen, or form, energy and spirit, into one unity in the practice of Wudang Shaolin Kungfu, which later evolved into Taijiquan.

Previously, Shaolin practitioners performed kungfu, chi kung and Zen separately, but Zhang San Feng united these three aspects into one. Not mnay people, of course, had the rare opportunity of learning the legacy of Zhang San Feng. Even geunine Shaolin masters today practice kungfu, chi kung and Zen separately.

We in Shaolin Wahnam are lucky to practice the legacy of Zhang San Feng. This and other features of the legacy are emphasized in the course.

The core of the training in the course was the San Feng Wudang Set. This set was condensed from the Wudang Taijiquan Set, which is very long, and is named in honor of the great master.

First the course participants focused on performing the form of the set in a picture-perfect manner, paying particular attention to the rotation of the waist. Next, they generated energy flow with the form. Then they performed the form with energy flow and presence of mind. Eventually they used mind to direct energy flow to direct movement of form.

By just performing the San Feng Wudang Set, course participants accomplish three levels of attainment:

  1. Good health, vitality and longevity
  2. Combat efficiency
  3. Spiritual cultivation

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San Feng Wudang Set

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