Taijiquan Combat Sequence

The fundamental skills of great kungfu are stances, flexibility, internal force training and combat application.

Four combat sequences, each of Shaolin Lohan Kungfu, Taijiquan, Baguazhang and Xingyiquan, are selected for course participants. An important objective of the course is that participants will be combat efficient after the course.

As the level of combat today is not high, course participants are expected to be able to beat opponents of their level if they practice each of the selected combat sequences competently. A main reason is that when course participants are fluent with their selected combat sequences, most opponents do not have counters in the repertoire of other martial arts to counter them.

The following topics were taught on the first day of UK Summer Camp Kungfu Course -- Developing, applying and Excelling in the Fundamental Skills of Great Kungfu Everywhere.

Please click on the topics below to view the videos:

    1. Stances and Flexibility
    2. The Form of One-finger Shooting Zen
    3. Shaolin Lohan Combat Sequence
    4. Taijiquan Combat Sequence
    5. Baguazhang Combat Sequence
    6. Xingyiquan Combat Sequence


UK Summer Camp 2016
Four Sequences for Combat

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