UK Summer Camp

Grandmaster Wong at UK Summer Camp 2016

The Uk Summer Camp 2016 was conducted from 4th to 12th June at Guildford, Surrey. The courses were as follows

Chi Kung Courses

  1. Developing and Deepening Fundamentals of Chi Kung
  2. Realizing and Manifesting the Fundamentals of Chi Kung
  3. Applying the Fundamentals of Chi Kung Everywhere
  4. Good Health, Peak Performance and Expansion into the Cosmos

Developing, Applying and Excelling in the Fundamental Skills of Great Kungfu Everywhere:

  1. Basic Stances, Flexibility, Internal Force and Combat Sequences
  2. Flow Methods, Force Training and Application Combat Sequences
  3. Spacing, Covering, Initiating and Counters against Kicks and Felling Attacks
  4. Counters against Pin-Downs, Shoots, Knee Jabs, and Shaolin and Taijiquan Combat Sequences
  5. Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, Chosen Sequences and Other Styles

Four Combat Sequences 2016

  1. Shaolin Combat Sequence 2016
  2. Taijiquan Combat Sequence 2016
  3. Baguazhang Combat Sequence 2016
  4. Xingyiquan Combat Sequence 2016


Courses and Classes