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Single Tiger Emerges from Cave

Single Tiger Emerges from Cave

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Chin Na

Force Training and Combat Sequences of Chin-Na
Fundamental Principles of Shaolin Chin-Na
From Combat Sequences to Free Sparring
Applying Shaolin Chin-Na for Combat
Combat Application and Free Sparring of Shaolin Chin-Na
Various Kungfu Sets in Preparation for Demonstration in China 2006
Combat Sequences, Force Training, Kungfu Sets and Free Sparring -- Previous
Combat Sequences, Force Training, Kungfu Sets and Free Sparring
Special Chin-Na Course in China -- Overview

Chin-Na Sequences

Shaolin 72 Chin-Na Sequences -- Overview
Single Tiger Emerges from Cave
White Tiger Presents Claw
Lead Horse Back to Stable
Golden Dragon Shoots Pearl
Lohan Tames Tiger
Circling Hand Eagle Claw
Single Leg Lift Guitar
Beautiful Girl Turns Shuttle
Cross-Road Hand Lock

White Ape Grips Branch
Grand Lord Catches Fish
Guan Ping Carries Insignia
Hungry Tiger Leans against Fence
Pull Tiger's Tail
Running with Hidden Tiger's Tail
Hand Technique of a Balance
Old Eagle Catches Snake
Lohan Strikes Drum
Immortal Tames Tiger

Chin-Na Bar the Big Boss
Enter Sea to Catch Serpent
Small Soldier Carries Umbrella
Immortal Carries Sticks
Nun Carries Umbrella
Sitting Double Lifting Palms
Double Dragons Subdue Serpent
Jade Girl Plucks Flowers
Receive Wind Bend Willow
Spiral Hand Technique

Counter against Spiral Hand
Squatting to Pluck Flowers
Immortal Plays Clappers
Golden Boy Worships Buddha
Squatting to Bend Lotus
Golden Cockerel Locks Throat
Eagle Claws Catch Dragon
Double Dragon Carry Pearl
Rotten Tree Exposes Roots
Golden Thread Hands Gould

Squatting to Lock Throat
Golden Flinch Brushes Eyebrow
Hungry Eagle Charges at Prey
Old Monk Grinds Rice
Spiritual Monkey Plucks Fruit
Double Bows Embrace Moon
Double Dragons Play with Water
Reverse Showing of Bull's Tail
Riding Dragon Pull Tendon
Two Tiger Subdue Dragon