Sabah Taijiquan

Tactic of Confusing Attack

Please see Essence of Intensive Taijiquan Course

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  1. Day 1 Morning: The Basics of Taijiquan -- Stance Training to Develop Internal Force
  2. Day 1 Afternoon: The Basics of Taijiquan -- Basic Taijiquan Movement and Waist Rotation

  3. Day 2 Morning: Stationary and Mobile Pushing Hands in Wahnam Taijiquan
  4. Day 2 Afternoon: Taijiquan Pushing Hands from the Front and the Sides

  5. Day 3 Morning: Getting to Opponents' Back and its Counter
  6. Day 3 Afternoon: Tactics of Continuous Attack and Confusing Attack

  7. Day 4 Morning: Tactics of Confusing Attack and Interception
  8. Day 4 Afternoon: Techniques and Tactics of Striking Hands

  9. Day 5 Morning: Linking Combat Sequences into Sets
  10. Day 5 Afternoon: Carry Tiger Back to Mountain, and against Shoots, Pin-Downs and Knee Strikes

Please see Essence of Intensive Taijiquan Course


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