Southern Shaolin Kungfu

Grandmaster Wong in a pattern of Southern Shaolin Kungfu

The following webpages are for non-Shaolin Wahnam family members. Shaolin Wahnam family members, of course, may use these webpages for comparison.

It is notorious that kungfu, including Southern Shaolin, has been so grossly debased that most practitioners cannot use their kungfu for combat, and have no internal force. Combat efficiency and internal force were the two hallmarks that kungfu was famous for in the past.

"We practice kungfu, not learn it." This was one of the best advise I had from my sifu, Sifu Ho Fatt Nam, the third generation successor from the southern Shaolin Monastery in Quanzhou. It is highly recommended that practitioners who follow this programme practice what they have learned. If they merely learn what is offered in the webpages without putting time and effort into their practice, they will not derive benefits from the programme.

If they devote a year of practice, they will be able to use kungfu for combat and have some internal force. More significantly, they will have good health, vitality and longevity.

Understandably, what is offered here is lower in standard than what Shaolin Wahnam family members achieve. However, in a year of about half an hour to an hour per training session a day, participants will not only not make a mockery of themselves but will be able to use their kungfu for combat amongst opponents of similar levels, have some internal force, will be healthy, with vitality and have longevity -- the very reasons why one practices kungfu.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit
5th April 2018

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      1. Learning the Basic Stances -- the Foundation of Kungfu
      2. Defence against Middle Strike
      3. Defence against Top Strike
      4. Defence against Low Strike
      5. Defence against Side Strike
      6. Correct Judgment and Instant Change
      7. Defence against any Kick!
      8. Break Falls and Counter against Felling Attacks
      9. Use Circular Hand to Counter a Chin-Na Attack
      10. Shaolin Kungfu Set -- Dragon in Zen



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