Combat Sequences, Alicante 2018, Austria 2018

Single Tiger

Single Tigerr Energes fron Cave

Single Tiger 12 Taijiquan Combat Sequences

Taijiquan 12 Combat Sequences -- Overview of Videos
Taijiquan 12 Combat Sequences -- Picture Series

16 Shaolin Combat Sequences

Shaolin 16 Combat Sequences -- Overview of Videos
Shaolin 16 Combat Sequences -- Picture Series

Alicante 2018

Kungfu and Chinese Medicine
18 Lohan Art Part 1
Sinew Metamorphosis Part 2
Cosmic Shower -- Alicante 2018
Alicante 27-29 April 2018 -- Overview

Austria 2018 -- Chi Kung

Special Chi Kung Breathing Methods 2018
Generrating Energy Flow in Gutenstein 2018
Advanced Training of Internal Force
One-Finger Shooting Zen in Gutenstein 2018
Chi Kung Courses in Gutenstein 2018 -- Overview
Sinew Metamorphosis Part 1
Chi Kung and Specific Health Problems 2018

Austria 2018 -- Dragon-Tiger

Dragon-Tiger Set 2018
Dragon-Tiger Set in Pictures 2018
Checking for Picture-Perfect Form (1)
Checking for Picture-Perfect Form (2)
Mechanics of Exploding Force
Letting Chi Flow to Develop Internal Force
Converting Flowing Chi into Consolidated Chi
Adding Internal Force to Dragon-Tiger Set
Perorming Dragon-Tiger Set with Good Form and Internal Force
Difference between Force and Flow