Kungfu Demonstration in China

Two pretty ladies presenting souvenirs to the demonstrators

Public Demonstration at Two-Dragon Mountain, Gaungdong, China on 24th September 2016

  1. Lifting the Sky by Roxanna, Sifu Mariangela, Nicola and Andreas
  2. One-Finger Shooting Zen by Sifu Bernie, Michael, Jas and Steffen
  3. Fierce Tiger Cleanses Claws by Nicola, Mina, Sifu Roeland and Sifu Anton
  4. Cross-Road at Four Gates by Sifu Roeland Dijkema
  5. Cloud Hands by Sifu Bernie Kissey
  6. Old Eagle Catches Snake by Jas and Steffen
  7. 48-Pattern Taijiquan by Nicola of Shaolin Wahnam Italy
  8. Wing Choon Siu Lin Tou by Michael of Shaolin Wahnam Austria
  9. Lohan Tames Tiger by Sifu Mariangela and Roxanna
  10. Dragon in Zen by Nina of Shaolin Wahnam Germany

  11. Dragon-Strength Chi-Circulation Set by Steffen of Shaolin Wahnam Germany
  12. Lead Horse Back to Stable by Nicola and Sifu Bernie
  13. Black Tiger Steals Heart by Roxanna of Shaolin Wahnam Austria
  14. San Feng Taijiquan by Jas of Shaolin Wahnam UK
  15. Catch Tiger's Tail by Sifu Roeland and Nina
  16. Shaolin Five-Animal Set by Andreas of Shaolin Wahnam Austria
  17. Cloud Hands by Sifu Mariangela
  18. Jade Girl Threads Shuttle by Andreas and Michael
  19. Free Sparring where One Hand and then Both Hands are Gripped
  20. Free Sparring with Counters against Pin-Downs
  21. San Zhan of Wuzuquan by Sifu Anton Schmick


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