Portugal 2018, Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course 2008

Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course 2008

Portugal 2018 Portugal 2018

Portugal 2018 -- Overview
Selection from 5-Animal Play -- Lisbon 2018
Selection from 18 Jewels -- Lisbon 2018
One-Finger Shooting Zen -- Lisbon 2018
Art of Thousand Steps -- Lisbon 2018

Shaolin Intensive April 2008

Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course 17-23 April 2008 -- Overview
Introduction and Chi Flow in Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course
Lifting Sun and Moon, and Wuji Stance
Some Important Points about the Bow-Arrow Stance
False-Leg Stance, Triangle Stance, Unicorn Stance and Single-Leg Stance
Major Stances in Shaolin Kungfu
Wrong Way of Moving Forward and Backward in Stances
Right Way of Moving in One-Step Bow-Arrow Stance
Rignht Way of Moving Forward in Two-Step Bow-Arrow Stance
Right Way of Moving Forward in Three-Step Bow-Arrow Stance

From More Movements to Less Movements
From Big Movements to Small Movements
Gliding Forward in Left and Right Modes of Bow-Arrow Stance
From Many to Less, from Big to Small in Gliding Forward
From Many to Less, from Big to Small in Gliding and Stepping Back
Black Tiger Steals Heart and Exploding Force
Leaning, Not Blocking, in Single Tiger Emerges from Cave
Why a Guarrd Hand is Necessary in Countering Poisonous Snake Shoots Venom
Using Minimum Strenght in Golden Dragon Plays with Water
Punch at Dan Tian When Executing Precious Duck

Shaolin Combat 2018 No-Defence-Direct-Counter in False-Leg Hand-Sweep
It's Necessary to Follow-Through in Hang a Golden Star
Interception, Not Block, in Immortal Emerges from Cave
Lohan Asks the Way -- the Basic of Shaolin Kungfu Set
Using Differrent Breaths in Performing a Kungfu Set
Training of Spacing in Shaolin Kungfu
Right and Wrong Spacing in Attack
Move away the Attacking Arm when an Opponent Chops at It
Immortal Emerges from Cave to Counter Hang a Golden Star
Tricking an Opponent with Different Attacks

Moving Back to Avoid Opponent's Attack
Covering Opponent and Movimng In to Attack
Art of Flexibility at the Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course April 2008
Linking Different Patterns to Form a Kungfu Set
Right Spacing and Right Timing in Defence and Attack
Poisonous Snake Shoots Venom and Goldemn Dragon Plays with Water
Precious Duck Swims through Lotus and False-Leg Hand-Sweep
Hang a Golden Star and Immortal Emerges from Cave
From Left Leg to Left Leg in Moving into Opponent
From Left Leg to Right Leg in Moving into Opponent

Just Move Back a Step as Opponent Attacks
Punch through the Heart, Pierce through the Throat
Combat Sequence 1 -- Black Tiger Steals Heart
Combat Sequence 2 -- Poisonous Snake Shoots Venom
Combat Sequence 3 -- Precious Duck swims through Lotus
Combat Sequence 4 -- Hang a Golden Star
Combat Sequence 4 is a Continuation of Combat Sequence 3
Practicing Various Combat Sequences
More Variety of Techniques by Using Different Hand-Forms
Enlarging Techniques by Using Same Principles

Break-Fall One-Finger Shooting Zen in Wuji Stance and
Horse-Riding Stance

Changing Footwork for Continuation of Next Sequence
Free Sparring using Basic Combat Sequences
The Surprised Attack of Thread-Hand Thrust-Punch
5th Combat Sequence -- Fierce Tiger Speeds through Valley
1st Combat Application Set -- Black Tiger Steals Heart
Black Tiger Steals Heart in Sequences
Black Tiger Steals Heart in Four Breaths
Combat Sequence 6 -- Dark Dragon Draws Water
Variations if opponent Hesitates or is Slow

Practice of Various Combat Sequences and Variations
Combat Sequence 7 -- Chop the Hua Mountain
Combat Sequence 7 -- Horizontally Sweep Thousand Armies
Free Sparring using Combat Sequences and Variations
2nd Combat Application Set -- Fierce Tiger Speeds though Valley
Pressing Opponent with Black Tiger, or with Black Tiger and Fierce Tiger
Combat Sequence 9 -- Happy Bird Hops up Branch
Four Fundametal Kicks in Shaolin Kungfu
Combat Sequence 10 -- White Horse Presents Hoof
Intercepting a Pressing Attach with Thread-Hand

Combat Sequence 11 -- Yellow Bird Plays with Water
Combat Sequence 12 -- Naughty Monkey Kicks at Tree
The Soft Approach to a Sweeping Kick -- Tame Tiger with Beads
Don't Block a Chopping Hand, Thread It
Practicing Various Counters against Kicks
3rd Application Set -- Happy Bird Hops up Branch
Free Sparring using Various Strikes and Kicks
Have Fun with Break-Fall
Combat Sequence 13 -- Fell Tree with Roots
Combat Sequence 14 -- Lead Horse Back to Stable