Chi Kung 2019, Complimentary Chi Kung 2010, Complimentary Shaolin 2010

Intensive Chi Kung 2019

A group photograph of Intensive Chi Kung Course 2019

Chi Kung 2019 Chi Kung 2019

Entering into a Chi Kung State of Mind
Lifting the Sky in an Intensive Chi Kung Course
5 Dec 2019 Penang

Carrying the Moon
Self-Manifested Chi Movement
Attaining a One-Pointed Mind
Developing Internal Force with Pushing Mountain
Pusing Mountain Away Using Chi
Platinum Chi Kung to Overcome Illness
Cosmic Shower -- Cleansing and Nourishing for Spiritual Cultivation
Prascticing Chi Kung Without any Chi Kung Techniques
Intensive Chi Kung Course: 4-8 December 2019 -- Overview

Complimentary Chi Kung 2010

Chi Flow for Health, Vitality and Longevity
Lifting the Sky to Generate a Chi Flow
Lifting the Sky -- the Most Popular Chi Kung Exercise
Chi Kung at Deeper Levels
Sinew Metamorphosis, a Very Powerful Chi Kung Exercise
With Flowing Energy You can Perform any Activity Without
Feeling Tired and Without Panting for Breaths

Using Flow to Perform your Daily Activities
Attaining a Sen Mind to Solve Problems
Complimentary Chi Kung Course 2010 -- Overview

Complimentary Shaolin 2010

Complimentary Shaolin Kungfu Course 26-27 Sept 2010 -- Overview
Introduction to Complimentary Shaolin Kungfu Course and Chi Flow
Lifting the Sky for Health and Triple Cultivation
Double Dragons to Let Energy Flow
Double Dragon to Consolidate Intermnal Force
To Develop Intermnal Force for Martial art and Daily Living
Performing any Activity Without Feeling Tired and Without Panting for Breaths
Fa-Jing or Exploding Force using Black Tigerr Steals Heart
Some Basic Shaolin Patterns
Chi Flow for Health, Combat Efficiency and Spiritual Cultivation