Yau Loong Wah Khaik
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Traveling Dragon Crescent Moon Spear

Grandmaster Wong demonstrating a pattern called "Green Dragon Lifts Head" from the Traveling Dragon Crescent Moon Spear Set

The Crescent Moon Spear, known as Wah Khaik in Chinese, is a sophisticated weapon. It incorporates the features of seven weapons, namely the spear, the big knife, the trident, the hook, the sword, the dagger and the staff!

The warrior best known for his proficiency in the use of this Crescent Moon Spear is Lui Pou (Lu Pu in Mandarin pronunciation), a general of the Three Kingdom Period who was never defeated in any battle but became a victim of a beautiful woman schemed for his downfall. The Crescent Moon Spear, therefore, is also known as the Lui Pou Khaik.

The names of the patterns in Chinese pronunciation and Chinese characters are provided below

Sequence 1

“Traveling “Traveling
1 Green Dragon Appears
2 Green Dragon Lifts Head

“Traveling “Traveling
3 Yellow Dragon Emerges from Cave
4 Shark Monk Flicks Spear

“Traveling “Traveling
5 Phoenix Dots Head
6 Yellow Dragon Emerges from Cave

“Traveling “Traveling
7 Sweep a Thousand Armies
8 Lord Kwan Flicks Robe

“Traveling “Traveling
9 Sweep a Thouand Armies
10 Yellow Dragon Emerges from Cave

“Traveling “Traveling
11 Splash Water up Rice Field
12 Reverse Striking of Purple Bell

Sequence 2

“Traveling “Traveling
13 Bail Moon from Sea Bottom
14 Yellow Dragon Emerges from Cave

“Traveling “Traveling
15 Immortal Sweeps Floor
16 Yellow Dragon Emerges from Cave

Sequence 3

“Traveling “Traveling
17 Green Dragon Tests Claw
18 Point at Star Look at Moon

“Traveling “Traveling
19 Sweep a Thousand Armies
20 General Waves Flag

“Traveling “Traveling
21 Immortal Sweeps Floor
22 Yellow Dragon Emerges from Cave

“Traveling “Traveling
23 Green Dragon Tests Claw
24 Point at Star Look at Moon

Sequence 4

“Traveling “Traveling
25 Sweep a Thousand Armies
26 General Waves Flag

“Traveling “Traveling
27 Splash Water up Rice Field
28 Green Dragon Tames Tiger

“Traveling “Traveling
29 Spiritual Dragon Ascends Heaven
30 Fierce Dragon Crosses Stream

“Traveling “Traveling
31 Slanting Body Pierce Tiger
32 Reverse Body Pierce Tiger

Sequence 5

“Traveling “Traveling
33 Green Dragon Tames Tiger
34 Fierce Dragon Crosses Stream

“Traveling “Traveling
35 Lord Tai Goes Fishing (1)
36 Lord Tai Goes Fishing (2)

“Traveling “Traveling
37 Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain
38 Fierce Dragon Crosses Stream

Sequence 6

“Traveling “Traveling
39 Green Dragon Churns Water
40 Spiritual Dragon Rolls Heaven

“Traveling “Traveling
41 Fierce Dragon Crosses Stream
42 Lone Drake Emerges fron Crowd

“Traveling “Traveling
43 Tame Tiger with String of Beads
44 Lead Horse Return to Camp

Sequence 7

“Traveling “Traveling
45 Return Horse Spear Technique
46 Spiritual Dragon Returns Head

“Traveling “Traveling
47 Bail Moon from Sea Bottom
48 Reverse Striking of Purple Bell

“Traveling “Traveling
49 Chop the Hua Mountain
50 Fierce Dragon Crosses Stream

“Traveling “Traveling
51 Golden Beam Supports Sea
52 Old Dragon Drinks Water

“Traveling “Traveling
53 Wild Wind Sweeps Leaves
54 Jade Belt Circulates Waist

Sequence 8

“Traveling “Traveling
55 Seong Tzi Blows Flute
56 Chop the Hua Mountain

“Traveling “Traveling
57 Phoenix Dots Head
58 Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain

“Traveling “Traveling
59 Poisonous Snake Shoots Venom
60 Old Dragon Dots Head

“Traveling “Traveling
61 Immortal Waves Fan
62 Separate Clouds to See Sun

“Traveling “Traveling
63 Dagger Pierces Tiger
64 Poisonous Snake Shoots Venom

Sequence 9

“Traveling “Traveling
65 Yellow Dragon Emerges from Cave
66 Double Butterflies Flying Together (1)

“Traveling “Traveling
67 Double Butterflies Flying Together (2)
68 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

“Traveling “Traveling
69 Return Horse Pierce Tiger
70 Spiritual Dragon Returns Head

Sequence 10

“Traveling “Traveling
71 Lone Drake Emerges from Crowd
72 Dragon Returns to Cave

Names of Patterns, Chinese (Cantonese) Pronunciation and Chinese Characters

Crescent-Moon Spear

The names of the patterns, the Chinese (Cantonese) pronunciation and the Chinese characters are provided by Sifu Michael Chow of Shaolin Wahnam Canada, with the help of Sifu Zhang Wuji of Shaolin Wahnam Singapore. Please note that the names of the patterns mentioned in the list and demonstrated in the pictures may not correspond exactly. We wish to thank Sifu Michael Chow and Zhang Wuji for their effort.

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