Cheng Loong Yim Yuit Tou
Picture Series

Green Dragon Crescent Moon Knife

The Green Dragon Crescent Moon Knife demonstrated by Grandmaster Wong

There are a few types of “Tai Tou” or “Big Knives”, and the one demonstrated here is called a ”Kwan Tou” (“Guan Dao” in Mandarin), named after the famous warrior of the Three Kingdom Period of Chinese history, Kwan Yu, who is worshipped as the God of Righteousness (but often mentioned in the West as the God of War). This particular Kwan Tou set is called “Green Dragon Crescent Moon Knife”, or “Cheng Loong Yim Yuit Tou”. Grandmaster Wong learned this set in his young days from his siheng, or elder kungfu brother, from the Uncle Righteousness lineage.

As the Kwan Tou is a long, heavy weapon, good stances and good force are necessary to use this weapon proficiently. When Grandmaster Wong applied force in a horizontal sweep while teaching it, the shaft broke into two. The bladed part of the weapon was then lashed onto another shaft. But when Grandmaster Wong later made a reverse sweep, the blade came out of the shaft. We regret that the set, therefore, had to be taught with an improvised staff acting as a Kwan Tou.

The names of the patterns in Chinese pronunciation and Chinese characters are provided below.

Video Series of Green Dragon Crescent Moon Big Knife 2016
Video Series of Green Dragon Crescent Moon Big Knife 2006

Green Dragon Crescent Moon Knife
Sequence 1

“Green “Green
1 Black Tiger Presents Claws
2 White Crane Flaps Wings

“Green “Green
3 Dragon and Tiger Appear
4 Guarding the Wah Yoong Gate

“Green “Green
5 Sweep a Thousdand Armies
6 Jade Belt Circles Waist

“Green “Green
7 Sweep a Thousdand Armies
8 Jade Belt Circles Waist

Sequence 2

“Green “Green
9 Bail Moon from Sea Bottom
10 Reverse Hitting of Purple Bell

“Green “Green
11 Bail Moon from Sea Bottom
12 Separate Grass to Find Snake

“Green “Green
13 Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain
14 Phoenix Dots Head

“Green “Green
15-1 Point to Star, Look at Moon
15-2 Point to Star, Look at Moon

Sequence 3

“Green “Green
16 Attend Meeting with Single Knife
17 Bail Moon from Sea Bottom

“Green “Green
18 Reverse Hitting of Purple Bell
19 Fierce Tiger Descends MMountain

“Green “Green
20 Shark Monk Flicks Spear
21 Phoenix Dots Head

“Green “Green
22 Green Dragon Churns Water
23 Carb Slices through Water

Sequence 4

“Green “Green
24 Dark Dragon Wags Tail
25 Chop the Hua Mountain

“Green “Green
26 Lord Kwan Flicks Robe
27 Sideway Chop Ngan Leong

“Green “Green
28 Phoenix Dots Head
29 Lone Drake Emerges from Group

Sequence 5

“Green “Green
30 Fierce Tiger Crouches on Ground
31 Reverse Hitting of Purple Bell

“Green “Green
32-1 Whirlwind Chop Tiger
32-2 Whirlwind Chop Tiger

“Green “Green
33 Jade Belt Circles Waist
34 Sweep a Thousand Armies

“Green “Green
35 Jade Belt Circles Waist
36 Hold Knife Up Horse

Sequence 6

“Green “Green
37 Red Rabbit Chases Wind
38 Sweep a Thousand Armies

“Green “Green
39 Jade Belt Circles Waist
40 Sweep a Thousand Armies

“Green “Green
41-1 Snow Flecks on Top
41-2 Snow Flecks on Top

“Green “Green
41-3 Snow Flecks on Top
42 Kwan Lord Strokes Bead

“Green “Green
43 Bail Moon from Sea Bottom
44 Kwan Lord Holds Knife

Sequence 7

“Green “Green
45 Bail Moon from Sea Bottom
46 Reverse Hitting of Purple Bell

“Green “Green
47 Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain
48 Point at Star, Look at Moon

“Green “Green
49 Sideway Chop Ngan Leong
50 Reverse Knife Slice Mun Chow

“Green “Green
51 Sideway Chop Generals
52 Straight Enter Plains

“Green “Green
53 Reverse Dragging of Knife
54 Lead Horse Return Camp

“Green “Green
55-1 Drag Knife Chop Choy Yeong
55-2 Drag Knife Chop Choy Yeong

Sequence 8

“Green “Green
56 Pass Gates Chop Generals
57 Grinding Knife for Battle

“Green “Green
58 Jade Belt Circles Waist
59-1 Whirlwind Sweeps Leaves

“Green “Green
59-2 Whirlwind Sweeps Leaves
60 Phoenix Dots Head

“Green “Green
61 Sit on Horse, Listen to Wind
62-1 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

“Green “Green
62-2 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
63 Seong Tzi Blows Flute

“Green “Green
64 Chop the Hua Mountain
65 Bail Moon from Sea Bottom

“Green “Green
66 Chop the Hua Mountain
67 Golden Beam Supports Sea

“Green “Green
68 Phoenix Dots Head
69-1 Double Butterflies Flying Together

“Green “Green
69-2 Double Butterflies Flying Together
70 High Mountain Flow Water

“Green “Green
71 Dragon and Tiger Appear
72 Flowing Breeze Swaying Willows

Names of Patterns, Chinese (Cantonese) Pronunciation and Chinese Characters

Kwan Tou

The names of the patterns, the Chinese (Cantonese) pronunciation and the Chinese characters are provided by Sifu Michael Chow of Shaolin Wahnam Canada, with the help of of Shaolin Wahnam Singapore. We wish to thank Sifu Michael Chow and Zhang Wuji for their splendid effort.


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