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Traveling Dragon Thirteen-Technique Spear

Grandmaster Wong demonstrating a spear pattern called “Traveling Dragon Rolls Water” from the Traveling Dragon Thirteen-Technique Spear Set

The spear was the most favorite weapon of army generals in Chinese martial history. As it is both light and long, it has the rare combined advantages of both speed and distance. The “shoot” of the spear, taking advantages of both speed and distance, is very deadly, and was considered by kungfu masters as technically the most difficult weapon attack to counter. Hence, in the past no one could be considered proficient in his weapon, regardless of what weapon it was, until he could use it to counter a “spear-shoot”.

The “Traveling Dragon Thirteen-Technique Spear” presented here in picture series is a combination of the “Traveling Dragon Spear” from Uncle Righteousness lineage, and of “Thirteen-Technique Spear” from the Choe Family Wing Choon lineage. The “Traveling Dragon Spear” is so-called because its movements resemble those of a traveling dragon. The “Thirteen-Technique Spear” is so-called because it is built upon thirteen main techniques.

The names of the patterns in Chinese pronunciation and Chinese characters are given below.

Video Series of the Spear

Traveling Dragon Thirteen-Technique Spear
Sequence 1

“Traveling “Traveling
1 Big Boss Invites Guests
2 Traveling Dragon Rolls Water

“Traveling “Traveling
3 Green Dragon Rolls Heaven
4 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

“Traveling “Traveling
5 Traveling Dragon Rolls Water
6 Traveling Dragon Rolls Heaven

“Traveling “Traveling
7 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
8 Traveling Dragon Rolls Water

“Traveling “Traveling
9 Green Dragon Rolls Heaven
10 Green Dragon Shoots OPearl

Sequence 2

“Traveling “Traveling
11 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
12-1 Return Horse Shoot Spear

“Traveling “Traveling
12-2 Return Horse Shoot Spear
13 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

“Traveling “Traveling
14 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
15 Poisonous Snake Basking in Mist

Sequence 3

“Traveling “Traveling
16 Lohan Flicks Oranges
17 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

“Traveling “Traveling
18 Lead Horse Return to Camp
19 Golden Beam Supports Sea

“Traveling “Traveling
20 Old Dragon Drops Water
21 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

“Traveling “Traveling
22 Return Horse Shoot Spear
23 Return Horse Shoot Spear

“Traveling “Traveling
24 Bending Body Shoot Arrow
25 Reverse Bending Shoot Arrow

“Traveling “Traveling
26 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
27 Close Body Pierce Tiger

Sequence 4

“Traveling “Traveling
28 Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain
29 Yellow Dragon Emerges from Cave

“Traveling “Traveling
30 Hold Bow Shoot Arrow
31 Yellow Dragon Emerges from Cave

“Traveling “Traveling
32 Bend Body Pierce Tiger
33 Reverse Bending Pierce Tiger

“Traveling “Traveling
34 Shoot Spear Pierce Tiger
35 Single Hand Shoot Spear

“Traveling “Traveling
36 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
37 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

Sequence 5

“Traveling “Traveling
38 Immortal Sweeps Floor
39 Separate Grass to Find Snake

“Traveling “Traveling
40 General Waves Flap
41 Shark Monk Flicks Spear

“Traveling “Traveling
42 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
43 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

Sequence 6

“Traveling “Traveling
44 Sweep a Thousand Armies
45 Bow-Arrow Pierce Tiger

“Traveling “Traveling
46 Point at Star Look at Moon
47 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

“Traveling “Traveling
48 Sweep a Thousand Armies
49 Bow-Arrow Pierce Tiger

“Traveling “Traveling
50 Point at Star Look at Moon
51 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

Sequence 7

“Traveling “Traveling
52 Shark Monk Flicks Spear
53 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

“Traveling “Traveling
54-1 Blossoming of Plum Flowers
54-2 Blossoming of Plum Flowers

“Traveling “Traveling
55 Splash Water Up Rice Field
56 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

“Traveling “Traveling
57 Li Hwa Shakes Head
58 Lead Horse Back to Camp

Sequence 8

“Traveling “Traveling
59 Return Horse Shoot Spear
60 Poisonous Snake Basking in Mist

“Traveling “Traveling
61 Green Dragon Spreads Tail
62 Return Horse Shoot Spear

“Traveling “Traveling
63 Big Boss Invites Guests
64 Flowing Breeze Swaying Willows

Names of Patterns, Chinese (Cantonese) Pronunciation and Chinese Characters

Traveling Dragon Thirteen-Technique Spear

The names of the patterns, the Chinese (Cantonese) pronunciation and the Chinese characters are provided by Sifu Michael Chow of Shaolin Wahnam Canada, with the help of Sifu Zhang Wuji of Shaolin Wahnam Singapore. We wish to thank Sifu Michael Chow and Zhang Wuji for their splendid effort.

Video Series of the 13-Technique Spear
Teaching of the Spear Set by Grandmaster Wong


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