Free Sparring

Participants at the UK Summer Camp 2006 enjoying a free sparring galore

Students at the regional Shaolin Kungfu course at the UK Summer Camp 2006 in Canterbury could use Shaolin Kungfu in free sparring after only four days of training! Nore importantly, they were injury free.

The students were not tired or panting for breadth despite the free sparring, which indicated that they succeeded in training Shaolin Kungfu as an internal art. More significantly, instead of attempting to hurt their sparring opponents, they often slowed down to let their opponents respond, and there was much fun and laughter. This indicated they succeeded in spiritual cultivation as they had developed their spirit.

Besides the practical benefits, two philosophical lessons from the course are the realization that

The free sparring session are grouped into four videos as follows:

  1. Free Sparring (1)
  2. Free Sparring (2)
  3. Free Sparring (3)
  4. Free Sparring (4)


Free Sparring Galore at UK Summer Camp, Canterbury 2006