Shaolin Chin-Na

Tame Tiger Listen to Wind

The famous Shaolin 72 Chin-Na Techniques are often heard but seldom known. Masters who know them keep them as secrets. To preserve them for posterity, Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit consented to post them here.

You can view the Shaolin 72 Chin-Na Sequences without repetition of various parts here, which show the sequences straight-away without repetition.

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  1. Single Tiger Emerges from Cave
  2. White Tiger Presents Claw
  3. Lead Horse Back to Stable
  4. Golden Dragon Shoots Tongue
  5. Lohan Tames Tiger
  6. Circling Hand Eagle Claw
  7. Single Leg Lift Guitar
  8. Beautiful Girl Turns Shuttle
  9. Cross-Road Hand Lock
  10. White Ape Grips Branch

  11. Grand Lord Catches Fish
  12. Guan Ping Carries Insignia
  13. Hungry Tiger Leans against Fence
  14. Pull Tiger's Tail
  15. Running with Hidden Tiger's Tail
  16. Hand Technique of a Balance
  17. Old Eagle Catches Snake
  18. Lohan Strikes Drum
  19. Immortal Tames Tiger
  20. Bar the Big Boss

  21. Enter Sea to Catch Serpent
  22. Small Soldier Carries Umbrella
  23. Immortal Carries Sticks
  24. Nun Carries Umbrella
  25. Sitting Double Lifting Palms
  26. Double Dragons Subdue Serpent
  27. Jade Girl Plucks Flowers
  28. Receive Wind Bend Willow
  29. Spiral Hand Technique
  30. Counter against Spiral Hand

  31. Squatting to Pluck Flowers
  32. Immortal Plays Clappers
  33. Golden Boy Worships Buddha
  34. Squatting to Bend Lotus
  35. Golden Cockerel Locks Throat
  36. Eagle Claws Catch Dragon
  37. Double Dragons Carry Pearl
  38. Rotten Tree Exposes Roots
  39. Golden Thread Hangs Gourd
  40. Squatting to Lock Throat

  41. Golden Bird Grips Eyebrow
  42. Hungry Eagle Charges at Prey
  43. Old Monk Grinds Rice
  44. Spiritual Monkey Plucks Fruit
  45. Double Bows Embrace Moon
  46. Double Dragons Play with Water
  47. Reverse Showing of Bull's Tail
  48. Riding Dragon Pull Tendon
  49. Two Tiger Subdue Dragon
  50. Fierce Tiger Crouches on Ground

  51. Hungry Tiger Retreats from Den
  52. Little Devil Removes Shoe
  53. White Apes Ascends Tree
  54. White Monkey Catches Boar
  55. Monkey Steals Plum
  56. Steal Plum Under Leaf
  57. Immortal Plucks Tomato
  58. Bail Moon from Sea
  59. Catch Tiger in Mountain
  60. Under Leaf Pluck Lotus

  61. Near-Body Tiger-Claw
  62. Second Auntie Catches Crab
  63. Embrace Moon in Bosom
  64. Fierce Tiger Cleanses Claw
  65. Black Tiger Guards Door
  66. General Leads Horse
  67. Lohan Embraces Buddha
  68. Tang Soldier Retains Guest
  69. Tame Tiger Listen to Wind
  70. Fierce Tiger Crouching at Cliff
  71. Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain
  72. Hungry Tiger Catches Goat


White Ape Ascends Tree


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