Wahnam Taijiquan, Tai Chi Chuan

Demonstrating basic skills and techniques in Pushing Hands

This introductory Wahnam Taijiquan Course was incredible. Participants ranged from fresh beginners to masters, yet they all benefited much according to their attainment levels. And everyone had a lot of fun.

Although it was only a three-day course, it was comprehensive. It covered all the essential aspects of Taijiquan as an internal martial art, including elegant movements, chi flow, internal force training, combat application and spiritual cultivation.

This video presentation is in two parts. This is Part 1 and is divided into the following sections, which also follow the order the lessons were taught.

  1. Chi Flow and Stance Training
  2. Pushing Hands - Basic Skills
  3. Pushing Hands - Frontal
  4. Pushing Hands - Right Side
  5. Pushing Hands - Left Side
  6. Pushing Hands - Back
  7. Pushing Hands - Tactics

Part 2 is divided into the following secions.

  1. Combat Sequence 1 - Striking
  2. Combat Sequence 2 - Kicking
  3. Combat Sequence 3 - Felling
  4. Combat Sequence 4 - Chin-Na

You can also view all the videos here

We would like to express our thanks to Sifu Emiko Hsuen and Sifu Yumi Honjo for recording these videos