Striking a Buffalo beyond a Hill

Breaking the bottom brick

Sifu Roland Mastel breaking the bottom of two bricks

Classical kungfu stories often describe past masters injuring opponents seriously without any mark on the skin. This art is poetically known as “khak san ta ngow”, which means “striking a buffalo behind a hill”.

It is understandable that many people do not believe that this is possible. Nevertheless, some of our Shaolin Wahnam masters demonstrated this skill during the Chi Kung Healing Course on 12th April 2008.

It is interesting to note that they did not practice this art formally, but have developed it as part of their regular training, though Grandmaster Wong gave them some important secrets regarding how to manifest this skill. It is understandable that some did not succeed in their first tries. Sifu Roland and Sifu Mark, for example, broke the top brick instead of the bottom ones.

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Breaking Bottom Brick Breaking Bottom Brick Breaking Bottom Brick
Sifu Roland Mastel
Sifu Jose Antonio
Sifu Andrew Barnett

Breaking Bottom Brick Breaking Bottom Brick Breaking Bottom Brick
Sifu Riccardo Puleo
Sifu Mark Appleford
Sifu Robin Gamble

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Breaking the Bottom Brick of Two Bricks One on Top of the Other from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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