Wahnam Taijiquan

As Sifu Piti tried to fell Grandmaster Wong, he found himself fallen on the ground instead!

Besides Taijiquan techniqwues in combat application, we also learn many useful tactics. The important Tactics of Continuation, and the Tactic of Subtraction and Addition were taught in the regional Taijiquan course on the Blue Mountain in March 2008

Many people thought, wrongly, that they were no felling techniques in Taijiquan. Many felling techniques were taught at the course. It was interesting to see that when an opponent tried to fell you, by a simple movement, he found himself fallen on the ground!

Please click the respective combat sequences to view the videos
  1. The Tactic of Continuation in Combat Sequences
  2. The Tactic of Subtraction in Combat Sequences
  3. Felling Techniques in Wahnam Taijiquan


Learning the Basic Taijiquan Combat Sequences Step-by-Step

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