Taijiquan basic combat sequences

White Snake Shoots Venom

The video clips show how participants learned the twelve basic Wahnam Taijiquan combat sequences at the Taijiquan Intensive Course in January in Sungai Petani in 2006. It is interesting to compare this video series with the video series showing a review of the 12 basic Taijiquan sequences in December in the same year.

The 12 Basic Wahnam Taijiquan Combat Sequences

The names of the 12 sequences are as follows:

  1. Immortal Waves Sleeves
  2. Low Stance Vertical Punch
  3. White Snake Shoots Venom
  4. Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
  5. White Crane Flaps Wings
  6. Striking Tiger Poise
  7. Thrust Kick
  8. Low Stance Single Whip
  9. Black Bear Sinks Hips
  10. Shoulder Strike
  11. Cloud Hands
  12. Carry Tiger Back to Mountain

Please click the pictures or the captions below to view the videos

Sequence 1 Sequence 1 — Immortal Waves Sleeves

Picture series

Sequence 2

Sequence 2 — Low Stance Vertical Punch

Picture series

Sequence 3

Sequence 3 — White Snake Shoots Venom

Picture series

Sequence 4

Sequence 4 — Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

Picture series

Sequence 5

Sequence 5 — White Crane Flaps Wings

Picture series

Sequence 6

Sequence 6 — Striking Tiger Poise

Picture series

Sequence 7

Sequence 7 — Thrust Kick

Picture series

Sequence 8

Sequence 8 — Low Stance Single Whip

Picture series

Sequence 9

Sequence 9 — Black Bear Sinks Hips

Picture series

Sequence 10

Sequence 10 — Shoulder Strike

Picture series

Sequence 11

Sequence 11 — Cloud Hands

Picture series

Sequence 12

Sequence 12 — Carry Tiger Back to Mountain

Picture series

You can view all the videos above by clicking the picture or caption below

12 Taijiquan Combat Sequences January 2006 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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