First Taijiaun Combat Sequences 1980s

Grandmaster Wong executes a thrust kick at Sifu Goh Kok Hin

Wahnam Taijiquan practitioners would be happy to know that our first Taijiquan combat sequences were already in existence in the 1980s. Grandmaster Wong composed 12 Taijiquan combat sequences to respond to the 12 Shaolin combat sequences. The Taijiquan combat sequences were, therefore, only in the responders mode.

However, Grandmaster Wong did not teach Taijiquan publicly until Sifu Rama persuaded him to do so. The first public Taijiquan class in Shaolin Wahnam was conducted in Segovia in Spain in the year 2000. where many of our present Wahnam Taijiquan instructors attended.

Two years later in the Special Taijiquan Course in Sungai Petani in 2002 followed by a special training camp on Cameron Highlands the first set of Taijiquan combat sequences in initiator's and responder's modes was formulated, and demonstrated here by Sifu Javier and Sifu Jeffrey. Some years later these initial combat sequences were refined to form our present fundamental 12 Taijiquan combat sequences at the Intensive Taijiquan Course in 2006 in Sungai Petani.

The first 12 Taijiquan combat sequences which have much historic value are as follows.

  1. Immortal Waves Sleeves
  2. Green Dragon Presents Pearl
  3. Fierce Dragon Across Stream
  4. Vertical Elbow Strike
  5. Immortal Chops Rock
  6. White Crane Flaps Wings
  7. Push Boat Along Flow
  8. Thrust Kick
  9. Open Window to Look at Moon
  10. Vertical Punch
  11. White Snake Shoots Venom
  12. Cloud Hands

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12 Taijiquan Combat Sequences in the 1980s from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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