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The defence lies not in the hand but in the footwork

Besides right spacing, right timing is also very important. Being too fast is a mistake. "Single Tiger Emerges from Cave" is not a block, it is a leaning technique. The defence lies not in the hand, but in the footwork. Some common mistakes students made when applying this technique were shown in the course.

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Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu
Too Fast Respond Accordingly Not a Block
Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu
Defence in Footwork Respond Accordingly Lean on Attack
Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu
Class Practice Hurting Arm
Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu
Lean, Not Block Defence in Footwork Wrong Ways

We wish to thank Dr Damian Kissey and the Kissey Family, the honorary organizers, for taking meticulous care to make sure every course participant is happy and comfortable.

We also wish to thank Mr Godfery Kissey of Ogingo Videography, Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia for kindly provideing us with the videos. Godfery is also a member of our Shaolin Wahnam Family. His telephone number is 60-88-731788, and e-mail address is

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Secrets of Single Tiger Emerges from Cave from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.



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