Shaolin Kung Fu

How would you release a grip without using strength?

In an internal art, students are often reminded not to use strength. Many may wonder how they could release an opponent's grip or counter an opponent's attack if they are not to use strength. The secret is chi flow. If a student merely knows the technique but does not have chi flow, he may be unable to execute the technique effectively.

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Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu
How to Release Don't Use Strength Flowing Chi
Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu
Not Muscular Strength Just Chi Flow
Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu
Beautiful Techniques Thread Hand
Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu
Prepare for Surprises Chop Hua Mountain Sequence 6

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Do Not Use Strength! from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.



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