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To avoid breaking an opponent's spine with the over-shoulder throw using "Farmer Hoes Rice Field", you can let him roll over the waist

"Farmer Hoes Rice Field" executes a deadly over-shoulder throw, which may break an opponent's spine or skull. It is necessary to cover the opponent adequately before attempting to throw him, otherwise he may strike your vital spots. To avoid injuring the opponent seriously, we can let him roll over our waist, instead of falling over our shoulder. To counter the throw, follow the throwing momentum to go over the attacker and execute a sideway tiger-tail kick.

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Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu
Don't Expose Yourself Exposing Yourself Locking Opponent's Hands
Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu
Don't Break his Spine Let him Roll Over Solo Movement
Shaolin Kungfu Shaolin Kungfu
Farmer Hoes Rice Field Combat Sequence 15

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Combat Sequence 15 - Farmer Hoes Rice Field from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.



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