performed by the fountain


Grandmaster Wong performing the pattern "Big Boss Offers Wine"

Do you know Uncle Righteousness' two kungfu secrets which enabled him to earn his honorable nick-name? These two secrets, one giving him the techniques to win fights, and the other providing him the internal force behind his techniques, are found in the Hoong Ka Triple Stretch Set. It is reputed that this was also the set Hoong Hei Khoon and the Venerable Sam Tuck practiced at the Shaolin Temple on Nine Lotus Mountain in south China.

This set performed by a fountain is presented here from a different angle from the one performed in the woods posted by Sifu Robin Gamble in our Virtual Kwoon so that those attending the Triple Stretch Course at the UK Summer Camp 2010 may view the set from another angle. Those who wish to learn Uncle Righteousness' secrets may contact Sifu Robin Gamble for last-minute registration if places are available.

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Part 3 Part 4

Part 5 Part 6

You can view all the videos of the set here by clicking the picture below, or at Vimeo by clicking the caption.

Shaolin Triple Stretch Set from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.