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Grandmaster Wong demonstrates a sophisticated application of Z-Shape Butterfly Palms

Some people think that Shaolin Kungfu is only decorative because find that many Shaolin patterns are elaborated and they do not understand their combat application. They have the shallow perception that effective kungfu consists only of straight-forward kicks and punches. Shaolin Kungfu is not decorative, though it is also very beautiful to watch. Here Grandmaster Wong demonstrates sophisticated applications of some seemingly decorative patterns, like "Z-Shape Butterfly Palms", "Eagle Claws Catch Dragon" and "Single Planting of Flowers".

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Shaolin Kungfu is Not Just Decorative

Triple Stretch Triple Stretch Triple Stretch
Angry Leopard Charges at Face Z-Shape Butterfly Palms Eagle Claws Catch Dragon
Triple Stretch Triple Stretch Triple Stretch
Application of Z-Shape Palms Lohan Pierces Sand Lohan Plays with Tiger
Triple Stretch Triple Stretch
Single Planting of Flower Iron Fan Shuts Door

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Shaolin Kungfu is Not Just Decorative from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.



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