Triple Strecth

Besides other applications, "Taming Tiger with String of Beads" is excellent for countering any kicks!

The Triple Stretch Set is perfectly structured. It consists of three parts, each part consisting of 36 patterns. The patterns here are from the second part, known as "Lin Chip" which means Connection, connecting the first part of "Ta Chong" which is meant to develop internal force, and the third part of "Ta Sei Moon" which is meant for combat efficiency. Do you know the combat applications of the patterns here in "Lin Chip".

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Lin Chip or Connection

Triple Stretch Triple Stretch Triple Stretch
Move Body Little Jump Immortal Points the Way Tame Tiger with Beads
Triple Stretch Triple Stretch
Chop the Hua Mountain Rising Dragon Galloping Tiger
Triple Stretch Triple Stretch Triple Stretch
Black Tiger Steals Heart Skyward Cannon Punches White Horse Presents Hoof

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Lin Chip or Connection of Shaolin Triple Stretch Set from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.



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