Triple Strecth

"Hiding Flower in the Sleeves" was a combat sequence frequently used by Uncle Righteousness

Yncle Righteousness' winning sequence was even more simple. It is the fourth sequence in the Triple Stretch Set and consists of Black Tiger, Hiding Flower in Moon, and Fierce Tiger. Of course, the winning factor is not in the techniques or sequence but in Uncle Righteousness high-level fighting skills. It is interesting to note that in Uncle Righteousness' school Black Tiger is executed with a vertical fist, whereas in Sifu Ho Fatt Nam's school it is executed with a level fist.

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Uncle Righteousness' Winning Sequence

Triple Stretch Triple Stretch Triple Stretch
Striking Four Gates Hide Flower in Moon Fierce Tiger Speeds through Valley
Triple Stretch Triple Stretch
Striking Four Gates Striking Four Gates
Triple Stretch Triple Stretch
Striking Four Gates Tame Tiger Subdue Dragon

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Uncle Righteousness' Sequence from Shaolin Triple Stretch from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.



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