Triple Strecth

In training, make sure your sparring partner knows how to break fall safely before you attempt to fell him

"White Crane Flap Wings" is as beautiful in its application as it is poetic in its name. You may, for example, apply this pattern to strike an opponents neck, to fell him or to release his grip. With "Single Planting of Flower" you may attack his vital point at his leg as he kicks you. If he grips you with both hands, you may release his grip and attack the vital points at his ribs with "Double Planting of Flowers".

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Flap Wings and Planting Flowers

Shaolin Kung Fu Shaolin Kung Fu Shaolin Kung Fu
Hand Sweep Felling Opponent White Crane
Shaolin Kung Fu Shaolin Kung Fu
Low Sweeping Kick Release Grip
Shaolin Kung Fu Shaolin Kung Fu
Strike Neck Planting Flower
Shaolin Kung Fu Shaolin Kung Fu Shaolin Kung Fu
Planting Flowers Planting Flowers Double Bows

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Flapping Wings and Planting Willow in Shaolin Triple Stretch from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.



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