Triple Strecth

How would you counter an attack like this?

The "scissor-hand" technique in the pattern "Iron Fan Shuts Door" can be a very formidable attack to break an opponent's arm if you can use it skillfully. Besides having internal force to execute the technique, placing the hands in the right position is important. The counter against this attack is amazing. Good timing and good spacing are necessary.

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Scissor-Hands in Iron Fan Shuts Door

Shaolin Kung Fu Shaolin Kung Fu Shaolin Kung Fu
Double Punch Iron Fan Elbow Strike
Shaolin Kung Fu Shaolin Kung Fu
Position of Hands Scissor-Hands
Shaolin Kung Fu Shaolin Kung Fu Shaolin Kung Fu
Breaking Lock Tiger Claw Details of Counter

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Scissor-Hand in Iron Fan Shuts Door of Shaolin Triple Stretch Set from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.



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