Siu Lin Tou

Grandmaster Wong performing Siu Lin Tou

In Choe Family Wing Choon, the fundamental set is called "Siu Lin Tou", and not "Siu Lim Tou" as it is called in other styles of Wing Choon Kungfu. Note the difference betwen "Lin" which means "Practice", and "Lim" wichi means "Thought". "Siu Lin Tou" means "Little Practice Beginning", suggesting that in the past it was the set Wing Choon practitioners started their training with.

Once Grandmaster Wong asked his sifu, Wing Choon Patriarch Choe Hoong Choy, whether the sets "Cham Kiu" and "Phew Chee", which were popularly practiced in other Wing Choon styles, were also found in Choe Family Wing Choon. Patriarch Choe Hoong Choy replied that they were not practiced as separate sets, but were incorporated in "Siu Lin Tou".

In Choe Family Wing Choon, "Siu Lin Tou" consists of three parts. The first part corresponds to what other Wing Choon styles practice as "Siu Lim Tou", and the second and the third parts to "Cham Kiu" and "Phew Chee". However, while "Siu Lin Tou" (Part 1) is similar to "Siu Lim Tou" of other Wing Choon styles, "Cham Kiu" and "Phew Chee" in Choe Family Wing Choon are quite different.

For convenience of learning, "Siu Lin Tou" is presented here in three parts. The video clips below show the first part. The second and the third parts will be provided later.

Those attending the Special Wing Choon Course to be held in Penang from 29th April to 5th May 2010 are reminded not to practice it with force as shown here, because doing so without systematic training is likely to perform it as isometric exercise which may be harmful. Just learn the form of the set, which is the first level of training. The second and the third levels where energy flow and internal force are involved will be taught at the course.

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Siu Lin Tou

Siu Lin Tou – Section 1

Siu Lin Tou

Siu Lin Tou – Section 2

Siu Lin Tou

Siu Lin Tou – Section 3

Siu Lin Tou

Siu Lin Tou – Section 4

You can view the whole set of Siu Lin Tou by clicking the picture or the caption below

Learning the Forms of Siu Lin Tau from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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