Drunken Eight Immortals

The technique of the Lady Immortal is gentle, but the damage to the opponent is not

Here are just glimpses of an application of each of the Drunken Eight Immortals.

Those who attended the Drunken Eight Immortals course at the UK Summer Camp 2011, please contact Sifu Robin Gamble for access to a private webpage showing a full review of the course where many close secrets were taught.

You can also view all the videos here

Please note: You can download the video clips onto your own computer and view them at your leisure. Place your computer pointer at the picture or one of the links, and right click. Choose “Save Target As”. Select the directory or sub-directory where you wish to keep the video clip. Click “Save”.

Immortal Zhang Guo Lau Immortal Han Zhong Li

Immortal Li Tie Guai Immortal Lu Dong Bin

Immortal Cao Guo Jiu Immortal Han Xiang Zi

Immortal He Xian Gu Immortal Lan Chai He

You can also view all the videos here


Drunken Eight Immortals Set
Drunken Immortals against Aikido
Further Glimpses of Drunken Eight Immortals

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