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Drunken Eight Immortals

Enjoying Wine and Songs

This set of "Drunken Eight Immortals" or "Zui Ba Xian" in Mandarin Chinese ("Chui Pat Seen" in Cantonese) is Grandmaster Wong's composition based on the signature techniques of "Drunken Eight Immortals" of Taoist Kungfu which he learned from Grandmaster Ho Fatt Nam, and the "Drunken Eight Immortals" of Choe Family Wing Choon which he learned from Grandmaster Choe Hoong Choy.

There are four sections, and each section contains four signature techniques of each of the eight Immortals. Some patterns appear to be out of form to obtain certain advantages, like dodging and striking simultaneously, deceptive movements and meeting expedient situations.

Part 1

1. Great Immortal Extends Greetings 2. Enjoying Wine and Songs

3. Immortal Presents Wine 4. Immortals Asks the Way

5. Immortal Pounds Mortar 6. Lift Pot Offers Wine

7. Brush Hand 8. Reverse Riding of Donkey

9. Rolling Gourd 10. Continuously Offer Wine

11. Continuously Offer Wine 12. Reverse Kicking of Purple Bell

13. Gold Coin on Ground 14. Dodging with Phienix-Eye

15. Dodging with Phoenix-Eye 16. Turning the Cosmos

17. Turning the Cosmos 18. Reverse Hand Lift Pot

19. Zhong Li Waves Fan 20. Wave Fan Push Door

21. Zhong Li Waves Fan 22. Wave Fan Push Door

23. Immortal Lifts Pot 24. Immortal Lifts Pot

25. Lift Pot Merrily Drink 26. Lift Pot Merrily Drink

27. Sweep Thousand Armies 28. Jade Girl Threads Shuttle

29. Zhong Li Empties Bag 30. Lohan Emerges from Cave

Part 2

31. Zhong Li Strikes Tiger 32. Immortal Li Grips Clutch

33. Immortal Li Grips Clutch 34. Immortal Kicks Leg

35. Immortal Li Steps on Clutch 36. Immortal Li Kicks Clutch

37. Immortal Kicks Leg 38. Immortal Li Steps on Clutch

39. Immortal Li Kicks Clutch 40. Immortals Cross Sea

41. Drunken Look at Heaven 42. Continuously Present Wine

43. Continuously Present Wine 44. Phoenix Charges at Food

45. Dong Bin Draws Sword 46. Dong Bin Draws Sword

47. Lift Cup to Heaven 48. Lift Cup to Heaven

49. Immortal Lies Down to Nap 50. Immortal Lies Down to Nap

51. Lift Cup Merrily Drink 52. Sword Immortal Through Clouds

Part 3

53. Thread Hand 54. Imperial Uncle Clips Clappers

55. Reverse Hand Seeks Organ 56. Cross-Road Hook Hand

57. Cross-Road Hook Hand 58. Hook Hand Lock Throat

59. Hook Hand Lock Throat 60. Hook Hand Lock Throat

61. Hook Hand Lock Throat 62. On Ground Lock Throat

63. On Ground Lock Throat 64. Xiang Zi Plays Flute

65. Xiang Zi Plays Flute 66. Drunken Strike Golden Branches

67. Drunken Strike Golden Branches 68. Drunken Strike Golden Branches

69. Drunken Strike Golden Branches 70. Spiral-Hand Technique

71. Roll-Press-Strike Elbow 72. Roll-Press-Strike Elbow

73. Roll-Press-Strike Elbow 74. White Monkey Bends Branch

75. White Monkey Bends Branch 76. Lady Immortal Spreads Flowers

Part 4

77. Lady Immortal Spreads Flowers 78. Lady Immortal Mirrors Shadow

79. Lady Immortal Mirrors Shadow 80. Weave Flowers Cotton Palm

81. Weave Flowers Cotton Palm 82. Weave Flowers Cotton Palm

83. Weave Flowers Cotton Palm 84. Stretch Waist Pluck Lotus

85. Stretch Waist Pluck Lotus 86. Stretch Waist Pluck Lotus

87. Stretch Waist Pluck Lotus 88. Continuous Cotton Palm

89. Continuous Cotton Palm 90. Cai He Carries Busket

91. Rolling Gourd on Floor 92. Rolling Gourd on Floor

93. Two Immortals Transit Tao 94. Sea Serpent Emerges from Water

95. Sea Serpent Emerges from Water 96. Gold Coin on Ground

97. Immortal Throws Ball 98. Reverse Rolling of Gourd

99. Child Disciple Presents Blessings 100. Watch Sky Drink Merrily

101. Immortal Stretches Waist 102. Lazy Monkey Kicks Leaves

103. Iron Bull Ploughs Earth 104. Drunken Immortal Rolls on Ground

105. Drunken Steps Groping About 106. Drunken Steps Groping About

107. Drunken Immortal Lifts Jar 108. Drunken Immortal Lifts Jar

109. Drunken Immortal Offers Wine 110. Great Immortal Presents Greetings


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