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Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course

Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course 2011

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  1. Chi Flow, Entering Zen and Horse-Riding Stance
  2. Training of Other Important Stances
  3. Footwork Training in Shaolin Kungfu
  4. Speed and Agility in Footwork of Shaolin Kungfu
  5. Moving in Stances using Various Modes
  6. Basic Shaolin Hand-Forms and Patterns
  7. The Magic of Form-Flow-Force in Kungfu Training
  8. Single Tiger and Poisonous Snake of Shaolin Kungfu
  9. Precious Duck and Hand Sweep of Shaolin Kungfu
  10. Basic Shaolin Set -- Lohan Asks the Way

  11. Solidness and Flexibility in Zhan Zhuang or Stance Training
  12. Training of Breadth Control in Shaolin Kungfu
  13. Good Spacing and Good Timing in Kungfu Training
  14. Skills of Leaning and Threading in Shaolin Kungfu
  15. Single Tiger and Hand Sweep of Shaolin Kungfu
  16. Moving Into Opponents with Safety First
  17. Cover Yourself Adequately in Combat
  18. Some Finer Points on Footwork and Coverage
  19. Subtle Movements in Combat
  20. Treasure of Shaolin Wahnam -- One-Finger Shooting Zen

  21. Basic Shaolin Combat Sequences 1 and 2
  22. Basic Shaolin Combat Sequences 3 and 4
  23. Combat Application Set -- Black Tiger Steals Heart
  24. Basic Shaolin Combat Sequences 5 and 6
  25. Basic Shaolin Combat Sequences 7 and 8
  26. Conditional Free Sparring using Shaolin Kungfu (1)
  27. The Tactic of Follow-Through
  28. Conditional Free Sparring using Shaolin Kungfu (2)
  29. Basic Shaolin Combat Sequences 9 and 10
  30. Basic Shaolin Combat Sequences 11 and 12

  31. Combat Application Set 2 -- Fierce Tiger Speeds through Valley
  32. Combat Application Set 3 -- Happy Bird Hops up Branch
  33. One Hand and Scissor-Hand of Shaolin Kungfu
  34. Felling Techniques of Shaolin Kungfu
  35. Break Fall and Rolling Away in Shaolin Kungfu
  36. Combat Sequence 13 -- Fell Tree with Roots
  37. Combat Sequence 14 -- Lead Horse Back to Stable
  38. Combat Sequence 15 -- Farmer Hoes Rice Field
  39. Combat Sequence 16 -- Fierce Tiger Pushes Mountain


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